Thank you!

My Dear Patients, Colleagues, and Friends:   


It has been my privilege to share so many memorable milestones with you as your physician, colleague, and friend. And, it is with heartfelt gratitude for your trust and loyalty that I announce my retirement from Women’s Personal Physicians at the end of 2020 after forty years of practice.


While training as physicians, our focus is on preventing patients from taking their last breath. I, on the other hand, have been blessed to help more than 5,000 new human beings take their first. Now, after delivering dozens of second-generation babies from the very babies I delivered, I am a grandoctor!


The longevity of my career has gifted me a profound intimacy with my patients, who have become close friends, like family, and souls I could never live without. We’ve experienced life altering events together, including many firsts, many lasts, and all the trials in between – sickness and health, love and loss, happy times, and sad times.


I vowed I would be there for you every step of the way, to accompany you on your healthcare journeys, interpret medical jargon on your therapeutic paths, ease your pains, and calm your fears. I even made house calls in the Keys – trading in my white coat for shorts and flip flops, with a doctor bag in hand – so that new moms or post-op patients wouldn’t have to endure the painful Miami trek. To all of you, from my heart, I thank you for validating my life as a healer.       


To my colleagues, partners, and loving staff, I am so deeply honored to have toiled with you – through blood, sweat, and tears – helping one another care for our flock through thick and thin. I am so enriched to have shared and learned from each of you while building the premier practice that we have enjoyed. Thank you all for encouraging my penchant for being a medical maverick and innovator, allowing me to push the OBGYN envelope for the greater good of our patients.  


And finally, to my beloved family, who sacrificed the precious gift of time and repaid me with love during these forty years, I weep in gratitude, knowing in my heart that I never would have endured the physical, temporal, and emotional rigors of my life without your support.  


And so, now I must go. Not away, but to a different venue as I transition to the next phase of life. One that will keep me in touch with all of you as your friend and your family. In 2021, I will transition from private practice to utilize my experience as a women's healthcare consultant and medical director, continuing in my relationships with the many South Florida medical associations and institutions for which I have been privileged to serve in leadership roles during my career. I will also be available via telehealth to address your healthcare needs.


I leave my patients in good, capable hands and to ease the transition, my colleagues will have complete access to your medical records so there is no need to worry about transferring your records.


Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life's journey. I wish you and your family good health and happiness.


With gratitude,


Spencer “Doc” Kellogg, M.D.   

Dr. Kellogg has been practicing in Miami for over 35 years

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