Patient Reviews

"I have been a patient of Dr. Spencer Kellogg for 30 years. He is one of the finest doctors I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He has helped me immensely and is probably the most caring physician I have ever met.  In addition to being an expert in his field, Dr. Kellogg goes far beyond what is expected. He treats the person in her entirety, spends an immense period of time with each patient, and discovers what will enhance the well-being of the individual.

He is truly one of a kind, the best that there is!"

- Diane P.

"Dr. Kellogg is great! He has been my doctor for 20 plus years. Whenever I've had any concerns he has explained the issue and made sure I understood prior to leaving the office making sure to put me at ease. He has called to check on me after any procedure that I've had. He truly cares about his patients!" 


- Alexis H.


"Dr. Kellogg is extremely compassionate and provides exceptional bedside manner. I would not trust anyone else with my care.

His level of care and knowledge far exceed my expectations."


- Jessica H.


"I was done having kids. But the thing is, I was not done being a woman. I was having a difficult time just managing feeling well day-to-day. Actually, I felt awful. Dr. Kellogg came as a recommendation from a close friend. It was perfect. He was perfect. Dr. Kellogg was absolutely compassionate about how I was feeling. He takes time to talk with you in his office. This humanized him and the experience. He has pictures of his family up everywhere. Homemade drawings and wood carvings. Pillows on the chairs. Warm lighting. You have his attention. Aside from being incredibly gentle during exams and procedures, Dr. Kellogg is an extraordinarily humble human. I am proud to call this doctor, “my doctor.” He is forever a champion of my health and well being. Five stars?? More like ten stars. Happy, healthy and thriving as a lady...thanks to Dr. Kellogg."


- Rebecca C.


"Dr. Spencer Kellogg is the most compassionate, caring Physician. He always explains everything so thoroughly and makes me feel comfortable. You can talk to him about anything and not feel embarrassed. They do not make Physicians like Dr. Kellogg any more! Go and see him you will not be sorry!"


- Vickie J.


"Dr. Spencer Kellogg is an amazing doctor because he helped my husband and I by never giving up on our dream to have a child. After several miscarriages, Dr. Kellogg continued to reassure with us of that he was going to find a solution to what was causing them. After much of his own research, he figured out that I needed an additional dose of progesterone during the first trimester to continue with a healthy pregnancy. I went full term my daughter and had to have an emergency c-section due to a medical condition. Dr. Kellogg made that surgery very easy because of his dedication to us. He made sure that the health of my daughter and I were his first priority. I found the experience to be positive and I would recommend Dr. Kellogg to people who need a physician that will continue to work diligently for his patients and their families."


- Shannon C.


"I have been going to Dr. Kellogg for over 26 years and find him to be the best in his field. His office is very professional and his staff is very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend him!!!! Dr. K is the best."


- Sandra F.


"I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kellogg’s for more than 30 years. He is a phenomenal physician and wicked smart. The perfect mix of skill, kindness and dedication to his patients. Dr. Kellogg is always there to give you his undivided attention and medical expertise. He was also my mother's doctor for many years and she was very happy. I was very fortunate enough to have both of my children delivered by Dr. K! He has also guided me through other medical issues including a recent prophylactic double mastectomy. I can’t say enough about his personal care and attention not only to me but my family. I give Dr. Kellogg my highest recommendation!"


- Cynthia S.

Dr. Kellogg has been practicing in Miami for over 35 years

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